Hot Dog Delight

Chocolate Oreos and Chicken Nuggets on a Stick.

Posted on: December 16, 2009

For dinner tonight, I didn’t feel like the usual spicy Hunan Chinese food I get in the school cafeteria.  I wanted brain food, also known as junk food.  I’m in the process of applying to law school, so I wanted a sugar rush to keep me awake.  For some reason, I get really sleepy when I’m on the LSAC website, entering all my information in.  I also didn’t want to go back outside after coming into my apartment since it’s freezing out there, so I picked up a few treats after class to keep the energy high.

What did I decide on?  I got 2 packs of Oreo’s, one regular, one chocolate, a bottle of Jasmine tea, and 10 chicken nuggets with hot sauce, on a stick.

Let me first comment on the Oreo’s.  Chocolate cream filled Oreo’s “made with real cocoa” mind you, are fantastic.  I’ve never had them before, but after today, I’m a fan.  I think they’re even better than the original.  Yes, I said it.  Something is better than the original.  I don’t have a glass of milk to really decide.  I’m only eating them dry, but they’re exactly what I wanted.  The chocolate on chocolate combo is superb.  I couldn’t have asked for more when I decided on getting a sugary snack.

Jasmine tea is really good.  It might be the healthiest thing I purchased tonight, if it weren’t for all the sugar they added to make it taste so yummy.  Regardless, the word ‘tea’ by default, makes it healthy.  It does so in my mind anyway.

Lastly, the main course:  chicken nuggets, from a frozen bag, thawed and then deep-fried for my enjoyment.  All the kids are eating them.  They’re a pretty good deal, .50RMB for 1.  I tried them with hot sauce today, and they’re not bad.  I might like them better without, since I’m still not quite used to all the spicy foods here, but I felt more local getting them with.

The best part about getting chicken nuggets is that it comes with a stick.  They put the nuggets on a stick, like a kebab, but without vegetables…just chicken nuggets.  Since I got 10, they put the stick in the bag.  I think they give you a stick for sanitary reasons.  The Chinese rarely eat things with their bare hands.  There’s always a wrapper, a napkin, a plastic bag or a stick that separates the actual food from someone’s hands.  Or it just might be their love of eating meat, whatever meat it is, on a stick.  Lord knows I love it, whatever the reasons may be.  In my humble opinion, eating meat on a stick makes it taste so much better!


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That sounds delicious! 😀

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