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My Thankful Heart.

Posted on: December 17, 2009

The TV didn’t work in one of my classrooms today, so instead of watching The Lion King, I helped students prepare for the big Arts Festival coming up on Monday.  They wanted me to help them sing a song called “My Thankful Heart.”  I’ve never heard of this song before, so it was interesting trying to teach it to them.  Luckily one of the students had it on his mp3 player, along with a copy of the lyrics.

I played the song over and over again during class, and students chimed in during the chorus.  A select few sang the song in its entirety.  Eight girls performed a dance.  When I asked a student why only 8 girls danced, why not more, he responded, “They are the most lovely, the most beautiful.  No boys.  Just girls.”

He said the song was for teachers, parents, friends.  He said it was a good song and asked if I liked it.  I told him it was wonderful, and that I liked it a lot.

The lyrics are below, for your enjoyment.  They don’t completely make sense, but it’s China, and English translations often don’t make sense.  The singer is a Chinese woman, and the melody sounds like an old-school Chinese song.  The words are nice, my students seemed to really like it, and they are kind of adorable when they sing in unison.  They definitely melted my heart today.

I came from fortuity,

Like a grain of sad dust

Nobody seem to know my frailty

Where did I come from,

Where’s my heart going

Who is calling me, waiting for me

Heaven to earth is wide,

But it’s hard to walk through

I see the world full of

Frustrations and toil

How much love I have,

How many tears I’ll weep

Get the heaven to know

I’ll never give up


My thankful heart, grateful to you

Keep me company,

Let me brave to be myself

My thankful heart, grateful to fate

Blooming of fading,

I’ll still cherish them



i came from fortuity,

like a grain of sad dust

nobody seems to know my frailty

where did i come from,

where’s my heart going

who is calling me, waiting for me

heaven to earth is wide,

but it’s hard to walk through

i see the world full of

frustrations and toil

how much love i have,

how many tears i’ll weep

get the heaven to know

i’ll never give up

my thankful heart, grateful to you

keep me company,

let me brave to be myself

my thankful heart, grateful to fate

blooming of fading,

i’ll still cherish them


6 Responses to "My Thankful Heart."

What a precious opportunity. I can’t imagine a whole class of American students considering singing for their families and teachers.

Just stopped in to say “Hi” and tell you I miss your lovely stories. Hope you’re well and classes are good.

Out visiting my favorite blogs today. Hope your doing well.

Making my blog rounds again. Hoping everything is going well for you and your students. 🙂

Our school year is finished here, but my wayward boys had to take summer school. Hope you are doing well. Best wishes to you.

School year has started again. I have one senior and one freshman. I’m also hoping this is one of the best years either has ever had. Wishing you well.

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