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I am uncomplicated and multi-faceted.  Like the hot dog.  Yes, the hot dog.  That delicious, moist, cooked sausage — otherwise known as the frankfurter — served warm and on a bun.

You see, the hot dog, upon first glance, is seemingly simple.  Just a piece of meat, really.  On some bread.  Coming from NYC, hot dogs are a dime a dozen.  Nothing special.  But when you think about it, really think about it (I know, when have you ever really needed to, but just humor me — it’s my first blog!), the hot dog is quite remarkable.

Hot dogs are made from an assortment of ingredients — beef, pork, chicken, turkey, some combination of all of the above and then some, or even veggie style!  They can be grilled, boiled, steamed, deep fried, broiled, or microwaved.  You can have your hot dog plain, or spice it up with some mustard, ketchup, relish, sauerkraut, cheese, chili — the possibilities are limitless!  But the real wonder of the hot dog lies not in the number of possible tasty topping options (though the list of condiments is quite eclectic) but the wonder of the hot dog lies in its ability to withstand the tests of time!  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit for dramatic effect, but you get the point — the hot dog is not at all what meets the eye!

The sausage-bun combo has been around as early as the 1480s, originating in Vienna or Frankfurt.  And over the centuries, the hot dog has managed to root itself in popular culture.  When you think of hot dog, what comes to mind?  Baseball games and other sporting events, Nathan’s, Pink’s, amusement parks, fairs, Michael Jordan (Ball Park Franks — “they plump when you cook them,” remember?  Or maybe that’s just me…), city street corners, Coney Island, the list goes on!  There wouldn’t be a National Hot Dog and Sausage Council if the hot dog wasn’t worth it all. 

Simply googling “hot dog” yields 25.6 million hits!  Today, the hot dog not only refers to a type of sausage, but, according to Wikipedia, my trusty friend in all things related to pop culture, the Hot Dog might also refer to:

·      the Dachshund, the adorable and absolutely precious short, stubby-legged German sausage dog that trots its way into my heart every time I see one!

·      a television series on NBC from 1970-1971 (a Saturday morning documentary series for children, with noteworthy hosts including Woody Allen)

·      a UK film magazine

·      freestyle skiing, aka “hot dogging”

·      Jughead Jones’ pet dog, from Archie Comics

·      a fictional character on Battlestar Galactica — Brendan “Hot Dog” Costanza

·      MC HotDog, a Taiwanese rap artist (enough said)

There you have it, folks.  The life and times of the hot dog, in a wrap. 

And so begins my first blogging experience.  I hope you all find what I have to say as delightful as I find the hot dog! 


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